Best Treatment For Panic Attacks

How to Overcome Panic Attacks

  Best Treatment For Panic Attacks

For many years I have tried to figure out how overcome panic attacks, and only hope that  someone would eventually find a way to cure anxiety and panic attack symptoms. Some will tell you that,  by definition ,  anxiety disorder and panic attacks are closely associated with each other, and that the only difference between  anxiety attacks and panic attacks is that a panic attack is an anxiety attack out of control, and I mean literally out of control.


   For some an anxiety attack may be an indication of a panic attack to follow, whereas others may experience a panic attack instantaneously. Panic Attacks in women seem to be more prevalent than in men, although some research  suggest  this to be false based on the premise that men tend to hide their emotions, which actually contributes to more knawing anxiety. That is another issue.


 Symptoms of panic attacks include difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat, feelings of dizziness, sudden chills, feelings of dread, crawling skin, and even numbness in one’s fingers and toes. On the other hand, symptoms of anxiety disorder included many of those above but with a far less degree of intensity. One might say that one feels out of control while having a panic attack, whereas while one is having an anxiety  attack, one is one the verge of being out of control.


   Finding the best treatment for panic attacks can almost cause an anxiety attack for those suffering the most. Many doctors would suggest that a combination of medication and therapy is appropriate, yet other feel that longtime consumption   of antidepressant drugs such as Paxil ad Zoloft can lead to dependency and addiction.  A growing number of doctors feel that medications only treat the symptoms and not the core of the problem itself.


  Here is where natural methods to cope with panic attacks gain viability. Different people heve different levels of stress tolerance, and some have no tolerance for stress at all. Trying to educate one’s attitude seems redundant, but by doing so, one’s stress level is diminished exponentially, greatly reducing the symptoms of anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Here are a few ways that will certainly help you overcome panic attacks and treat symptoms of anxiety which you may be experiencing.


–A Healthy Diet


Although there are no specific scientific studies to actually connect food with panic attacks, it has been agreed that there are some food that aggravates and increase the risk of panic attacks. Caffeine is one of these culprits. People who tend to drink more than four cups of coffee or soda can increase there chances of having them. Alcohol as well as illegal drugs can also create a chemical reaction in the body making you prone to panic attacks. One suggestion is to try herbal teas of sage and chamomile, in lieu of caffeine to calm your nervous system.


–Aerobic Exercises


Anything that can get your heart pumping for thirty minutes or more can help your body cope with stress better reducing the risk of panic attacks. The body needs physical exercise to benefit every organ in the body and promote circulation. Exercises can be as simple as brisk walking, gardening or even walking the dog around the block.




Deep breathing and meditation are great stress-management methods and considered by most as an appropriate treatment for panic attacks. Yoga advocates breathing from the abdomen making our oxygen intake deeper. The value of deep breathing cannot be stressed enough. It can relieve the body of more impurities adding health and vitality. With a stress-free mind, these are less likely to occur.


To cope with panic attacks, try one of the several high quality and comprehensive natural or meditative methods available on the internet before getting involved with any suspect medications, but by all means consult your doctor if none of the natural of herbal remedies fail to help you.. | Feed | Tips For Panic Attacks-Help For Panic Attacks …
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